‘I do not enjoy writing at all. If I can turn my back on an idea, out there in the dark, if I can avoid opening the door to it, I won‘t even reach for a pencil.’

-Richard Bach

I completely identify with these lines. Honestly, I hate to write…the sole objective of this attempt is to get you (hopefully) curious enough to watch my films. And to share those moments from behind the scene that make the magic in the screen possible.


30 thoughts on “Home

  1. Bidyut, our team is involved in creating opportunities in NER, especially Assam. We have covered a lot of distance with Assam Mobile Theatres too.
    I missed watching the film, Bhraimoman Theatre at the Prithvi despite having made a special trip for it. (My car broke down on way from Pune).
    May I request for a DVD of your film? I will pay the cost of the copy.
    Please let me know at dinsib@hotmail.com.. or call 09999 644 717.
    Keep the good work going.

    Dinesh Sibal

  2. Dear Bidyut Kotokey,

    Congratulations for making such a beautiful movie Ekhon nedekha–. I saw the movie and cried. How the last recording of Bhupenda could be so energetic ; as if we were hearing him at least 20 years back! I saw your interviews in some of the local channels in Assam; I feel you have lot of abhiman , but don’t worry we are really watching you, after Jahnu Baruah. We are really Proud of you. You should have tried for some more publicity in Assam, I have seen many of my friends telling that .

  3. Having seen the zest of the director of the film myself an his passion in which explained the concept of the movie, to me was worthy of recommendation – I can just imagine what it will be when it releases!!!! All the best….. you have my nomination for an appropriate film award!!!!

  4. Having seen the film myself…. Am confident it will have great viewership cauz its quite captivating and hits the nails at the right places and and the right times…..

  5. hey bidyut, had said at some other space that your poem is one of the purest and most poignant that I have read in a long time. found your blog while I was looking for Bhupenda songs now. Its all the more sad.

    Again here’s hoping your film is as beautiful as the poem and bhupenda’s voice. let us know if it’s release or other medias.

    P.S: Feedback on trailer, it reveals to much. Let the audience reveal it. i think it will be more effective that way,

    • thanks for your warm wishes, Anushil…

      as for the trailer, would like to believe that it conceals much more than it reveals – would love to have your view after you have watched the film…

  6. A great volume of water drained down the river, since time immemorial… a lot more tears and sorrows too…I hope in your film must have portrayed a true picture of the land (Majuli)…

    Yes, the true story must be told…AS THE RIVER FLOWS !

  7. Hi Bidyut da,
    I am a friend of your sister Shulagna. She told me about your blog.
    And I am glad I visited it! Wonderful poem..simple, yet there’s a strong feeling that it evokes. Loved ur work. Waiting eagerly for your film to be released.
    keep up the good work…God Bless !!

  8. hi Bidyut,

    There is a very soft and refined feeling about ur blog and i couldn’t stop myself from appreciating … very good job… all the best wishes from my side… Best of Luck!! Do let me know if u require any help… Cheer, Lokiish

  9. hello Bidyut …herai juwa khopun tu dhori rokha bor kothin…
    Kintu tumar sesta aur Oxomor proti moromor mur hiyat eti khundorr kolpona jogai tule …jivonor eka beka pothot..xonxaaror jhemelaar pora ajio mon murr khuhuri maare khei luitor pare pare..kheujiya gosor are arey..

    few lines dedicated to you and your wonderful efforts towrds our beautiful land.



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