few of our past work

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Khushi – the joy of giving…


Non-profit & activism –

Earth & Water                                                                   





forgotten melodies…









Glimpses of our documentaries –


                                           – where the Journey is the destination

 Duration: 25 mins 21secs                                                               

The film takes you to one of the lesser-knownparts of India, deep into the heart of Arunachal Pradesh. The journey begins as a holiday, whose final destination is the remote border town of Tawang, nestled high up in the Himalayas. As we move deeper into the heart of this border state, the holiday turns into a journey of discovery, thanks to a few surprises provided by Mother Nature and man alike. Tales of valour, rebirth and total faith unfold as we go along. Nature also lifts her veil to reveal a land of spectacular beauty, blessed with snow-capped mountains, lakes, waterfalls and the purest air on earth. The journey is a kaleidoscope of images that encourages the viewer (as it did, us) to reflect on the senselessness of the rat race we are caught up in, and revel in the simple pleasures of life instead. The film embodies the spirit of adventure (and self-discovery), where the journey is the destination.


…and there is a river

duration: 31mins 25 secs

This film takes the viewer on an enchanting tour across Majuli – one of the largest inhabited river islands in the world.

According to local lore, Majuli-the largest river island in the world- was created by the river Brahmaputra over a thousand years ago. One has to transverse almost 10 kms. by the river before the huge landmass of the island comes to view. It is perhaps one of the few remaining Zero pollution zone in the world! It is a haven for many exotic varieties of local and migratory birds. Majuli’s seclusion from the mainland has actually been a blessing in disguise- as it provided with the ideal atmosphere for the flourishing of art and culture.

The island is the home to many a colourful tribe, that has retained its own unique culture, heritage and lifestyle. The 1.75 lakhs people inhabiting the island belong to tribal communities while the remaining belongs to various other groups. The many tribes of the islanders have adapted beautifully to the vagaries of the river and unpredictability of life on the island.

Majuli is a treasure trove of varied art and culture.  Potters, weavers, master boat builders and craftsmen thrive here. Every year the floods deposits a layer of fertile and rich soil on the island, which promises like every year- a year of good harvest. But this same river each monsoon unleashes a swirling fury of flood that devastates everything one the way…


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